Over an illustrious thirty year career, Rick Veitch has written and illustrated fifteen graphic novels of his own and contributed to over a dozen others, collaborating with acknowledged masters of comic book art such as Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Al Williamson, Thomas Yeates, John Totleben and S.R. Bissette.

Rick shows no sign of letting up. His poetic meditation, CAN'T GET NO, was named one of the Best Books Of 2006 by Publisher's Weekly. Newsday called it "One of the most thoughtful and even satisfying artistic responses to Set. 11 to date". Also for Vertigo, Rick wrote and drew ARMY@LOVE, a wildly satiric look at modern military culture. The series was named one of the Best Of 2008 by The Comics Journal. And he was named to "The Best Writers In Comics" list by Wizard Magazine. His deeply subversive take on superhero sidekicks, BRAT PACK, has been optioned for a film by Ars Nova.


Rick is currently head creative artist for PREPARE TO COPE, a comics based workshop series for middle school students to be published in 2014 by The University Of Quebec.