Ande Parks


Ande Parks made a living as comic book artist for close to two decades. During that time he worked on titles such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Daredevil, Nightwing, Ant-Man and Fear Agent. He is best known for his work with frequent collaborator Phil Hester, including the team's four-year run on Green Arrow, with writers Kevin Smith, Brad Meltzer and Judd Winick.

In recent years, Ande has moved from the drawing table to the word processor, becoming a full-time writer. He has written the historical fiction graphic novels Union Station and Capote in Kansas. The latter was recognized as a Notable Book by the state of Kansas- the first graphic novel to win such an honor. Parks has also written the Green Hornet for Dynamite Entertainment. He currently writes The Lone Ranger, and he penned this year's Shadow Annual, also for Dynamite. He is working on his first prose novel. Ande lives in Kansas with his lovely wife and two children.