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Ron Fortier had been writing professionally for thirty-five years. With over five hundred published comics, he has written comics featuring such well known characters as Peter Pan, Popeye, Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Universe and Rambo. He is best known for his work on the Green Hornet comic series for Now Comics and writing Alex Ross’ first comic project, Terminator : Burning Earth for the same company.


Recently Dark Horse comics announced they are reprinting the series in a brand new deluxe collected edition to be released in November of 2013.


Four years ago he co-founded Airship 27 Productions with artist Rob Davis. The company produces brand new novels and anthologies featuring classic pulp heroes from the 1930s, to include Ron’s revival of Captain Hazzard; Champion of Justice. Currently they have over 60 titles in their catalog. You can visit their on-line store. He also maintains a weekly blog at his website (www.Airship27.com) and writes a review column, Pulp Fictions Reviews found at (http://www.pulpfictionreviews.blogspot.com/)


Ron won the prestigious Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Short Story two years in a row. In 2011 he won for “Vengeance is Mine,” which appeared in the anthology, “The Avenger Justice Inc.” from Moonstone Books and in 2012 for “The Ghoul,” which appeared in “Monster Aces” from Pro Se Productions.


He considered one of the leaders of the New Pulp movement in American fiction.

His is a frequent contributor to many pulp fiction anthologies and is currently writing and self-publishing a new comic series, Mr. Jigsaw, Man of a Thousand Parts from Rob Davis’ Redbud Studios (http://www.mrjigsaw.com/). Ron also writes the Comic Related webstrip “Price For The Asking” with Bill Gladman.


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